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Graffiti Removal Services

Graffiti is becoming more and more of a problem to property owners around the United Kingdom. We understand the heartache, annoyance and damage graffiti can cause, it can devalue property and make their appearance unsightly to say the least. Racist and abusive graffiti can also destroy businesses having a devastating effect on customers’ first impressions. We can remove graffiti from:-


- Paintwork

- Brickwork

- Walls, fences

- Stone surfaces

- Masonry

- Glass which can include windows, doors and panes

- Perspex

- Woodwork including lacquer stained timber

- Trees and vegetation

We understand the cost and inconvenience graffiti can cause, the good news is that we can remove it quickly and effectively.

- AC Cleaning Services has a wealth of experience in removing graffiti from many external surfaces.


- We have a team of operators that are available on call to deal with your graffiti removal problem.


- We specialize in preserving the surfaces that the graffiti has been removed from.


- All our Graffiti removal products come with a full product data sheet and COSHH sheet


- With our specialized heat / steam machines we can remove Graffiti from almost any surface.


- No matter how hard you try, removing graffiti can be extremely difficult and in some cases home and business owners could make the situation even worse. We use only safe and bio-degradable chemicals that can bring your surfaces back to their original, pristine condition.

Why Choose Us To Carry Out Your Graffiti Removal?

Due to our expertise we have helped many clients in various locations to remove annoying graffiti, give us a call today for a free no-obligation quotation or telephone one of our advisers for more details. Research has shown that rapid graffiti removal within 24 to 48 hours is probably the most effective way to reduce repeat attacks.


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